Luxury Cleaning Services

We provide a luxury cleaning team and service that is radically different from standard cleaning companies. We specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of luxury properties (both private and commercial). Our standards are on par with those of the best palaces in the world. Our professionally trained team cleans such properties to an exceptionally high standard. It also remains mindful of expensive artifacts, artwork, hand made items that require extra special attention and care to clean. Critical knowledge that many standard cleaning firms or individuals could well be ignorant of.

How Are We Different? Trust, Discretion & Experience


Our team has been fortunate enough to gain the confidence of a number of high net-worth individuals as well as a royal family. We do this by keeping high trust at the centre of our relationship. New clients are welcome to speak with our existing clients to secure a testimonial, review the background check performed on each cleaner and dictate the security protocols that they would need our team to follow when at their property. This gives clients the ultimate peace of mind, knowing their property and possessions are safe and only handled by trusted, trained professionals.


Many clients highly appreciate the discretion that we provide. In addition to strict procedures to prevent damage or theft, we make it abundantly clear in all staff contracts that they are prohibited to discuss which properties they work at, who they spoke to, what they saw, etc with anyone outside the company. This guarantee of privacy and discretion has proven to be one of the primary reasons why clients choose to return to using our company time and again. Our team members are also strictly prohibited from taking any pictures or videos.

Experience & Specialist Training

Unlike many cleaning companies that provide the same equipment and liquids for virtually all items and surfaces, our team members are knowledgeable on how to safely and delicately clean all manner of expensive, antique and luxury items (handmade carpets, furniture, artwork, etc…) that require extra special attention. This essential knowledge has ensured that thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds of damage as well as client anger have been avoided.

On-Site Audit

Unlike some companies who would remotely quote a fee based on square footage and send whichever staff are free to complete the job, we will send a senior manager to your location to gain an in-depth understanding of what you require, what equipment and skills are needed and only then handpick which products and individuals to send to your premises. You are also welcome to meet the proposed team before we begin working for you. This way you can test their knowledge and competence.

Our Specialist Cleaning Team can help you with…

  • Regular cleaning (inside and outside), property housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Renovation: deep cleaning of the facade, renovation.
  • Window cleaning, jet washing, waste disposal cleaning.
  • Specialist cleaning: upholstery, curtains, wooden floors…
  • Seasonal occupancy cleaning and preparation: ensuring the property is perfect for your return or party.
  • Artwork cleaning (furniture, art pieces, carpets, etc…)
  • Maintenance builder’s clean after building works. 
  • Deep clean: the property is entirely cleaned (after purchase for example) in and out.

Other Services

Event Cleaning

We can provide the clean team prior to, at your event, and afterward, to ensure that your property remains in immaculate condition. In addition to cleaning staff, we can also provide staff with other skill sets such as waiting staff, valet, etc… This is a service that we offer to private parties and corporate events.

In the recent past, we have provided housekeeping to prepare a venue, kitchen porters for the event, cleaner keeping the rooms tidy and toilet attendants to ensure the toilets were kept in a perfect condition throughout the event. Such services allowed the host to completely relax and enjoy his party.

On-Demand cleaning:

We also provide luxury cleaning services on an “as and when basis” ad-hock basis. Some properties or parts of the house i.e the garage, kitchen, exterior only require a deep clean on an occasional basis. We can accommodate these requests as well.

Moving Forward

Please get in touch with us to discuss your unique requirements.
You can contact us via phone or you can email us.

Once we have a general understanding of what you require, we will agree a convenient time for one of our senior managers to attend your property to gain a better understanding of what you need and then prescribe the services that will achieve the outcome you desire.

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